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November 2011



Student Volunteer Compost Crew Training Underway!

Training started on October 19thand is going very well. The students are very quick studies and have taken on the tasks with a great sense of responsibility and care. Our team of eighth grade, weekly ‘levelers and turners’ is simply awesome, showing up every week to do the important work of mixing and aerating the scraps pile to keep it healthy and active.


Because of the large number of volunteers at 2nd, 3rdand 4th, teams will be trained over 2-3 weeks. We are still looking for volunteers at 8th, 6th, 7thand 5thto ‘crew’ during last five minutes of lunch.


Once students feel confident and independent, crews will be assigned to two weeks rotations.



The fall session ended on October 24th. Participating students weeded, planted garlic for summer/fall harvest, harvested potatoes and planted a late fall crop of spinach and lettuce, protected by hoops and a row cover.  Garden Club participants will be notified of a harvesting date if the fall crop proves successful. Many thanks to our kindergarten classes and teachers for doing spring planting and fall harvesting of garlic and potatoes!


In addition to their work in the garden, students at one session were treated to homemade pumpkin soup made from garden pumpkins and prepared by Kathy Balles, who supervises the Drop-In program — a delicious way to them to eat their vegetables and sample the harvest. Find Kathy’s recipe (and other fall veggie soups) in our blog!


The Drop-In Garden Club will resume in the spring. Stay tuned for dates and details!



Happy Holidays! 


Many thanks to 10/10/10 Work Party Crew Manager, Randy Brown, for his enormous effort procuring the materials and prepping them for assembly and installation, and to the more than 50 volunteers in all who participated to build this project from the ground up. In addition to Randy’s leadership, this building project couldn’t have happened so quickly and economically without the support of so many including the generous discount on materials from Concord Lumber, gifts of lumber for the bin and beds from community member Bob Webster, the donation of high quality, organic compost from Carlisle’s Sweet Autumn Farm and the transport of that compost by parent, John Bakewell. Stay tuned for progress updates on the implementation of our composting program at the student level!
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