60 Bags of Leaves Alert!

2011-10-09 09:12:00


60 Bags of Leaves Alert!


Were you as surprised as the Carlisle Grows Green team to hear the weather report for today? Early snow fall is throwing a kink in our 'leaves as browns' collection plans!


We need ‘browns’ (fallen, mulched leaves) to feed our compost pile at school through the winter.


If you are planning on doing any raking before the first major snowfall of this season, please consider bringing a bag (or two) over to the school site so they can be ‘recycled’ into black gold --- compost. Unmulched leaves are good too, but mulched leaves give us a lot more material requiring less volume to ease storage requirements. Leaves captured in home use lawn mowers with leaf catchers are perfect!


Bags can be dropped off along the side of the compost bin at the Carlisle Grows Greencompost and garden site behind Corey Auditorium anytime over the weekend and before or after school hours during the week. If you’d like to keep the leaf bag(s), just deposit the leaves into bin 3 or bin 4. Look for the wood carved number blocks for the bin numbers.


Will you help us get to 60 bags of leaves so we can keep our pile ‘cooking’?